“That which is insignificant is easily dispersed.
Act on it before it materializes,
Manage it before it becomes chaotic.”

~ Laozi in “Dao De Jing”, chapter 64

More important than the methods will be the experience, aligned with the understanding of the singularity of each human being, as well as the surrounding context. Caring requires acting as a maestro, establishing the bridge between what is general and private, while attuning in a dynamic way to what is present and necessary.

Therapies & Consultations

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Localized Massage

Provides fast relief of tension in specific areas (head, back, and others).

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Relaxing Massage

A soft and relaxing massage for those seeking well-being.

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Deep Tissue

A strong and invigorating massage to relaxe muscles and tendons.

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The Thailand massage is meant to strech and knead the whole body with amplitude and depth.

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The Japanese massage is meant to perfectly align all bodily systems.

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The Chinese massage harmonizes the body’s energy system while dissolving tensions and unblocking vital trigger points.

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Ginger Compress

Application of hot ginger towels to revitalize the entire body and treat inflamed areas.

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Ginger Therapy

Application of ginger compresses with massage to deeply liberate the whole body.

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Alqimia Therapy

A signature therapy that applies various complementary techniques. The perfect fusion that enables the communication between the physical, energetic, and emotional bodies.

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Qi9 Consultation

9 Star Qi provides accurate counseling and orientation, after previously determining the archetype of personal Qi for each individual.

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