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“The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining” ☼

Ginger Therapy

Integral treatment with postural realignment and energetic realignment.
€65 | 40 to 80 minutes | Monthly to trimester
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Ginger Hot Compresses

Specific and located treatment, held in five sessions.
€190 | 20 to 40 minutes | Daily to weekly
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Nine Star Qi

Consultation on the personal Qi and counseling.
€65 | 60 to 120 minutes | Annually or occasionally
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In ancient China, the doctor would earn a monthly amount to care the healthy condition of a person or family. If anyone got sick, the doctor would not earn this amount, since it would be used to treat the disease. There is clear difference between treating health or disease, as the first behavior tends to prevent and reduce the second.

I’ve travelled through the four continents to be instructed by the best. At prestigious institutes, temples, schools and with professional peers, where I’ve learned techniques of shiatsu, thai-massage, fascial manipulation, palm healing, acupressure, daoist medicine, healing tones, anthropology and macrobiotics. More important than the techniques, will be experience in the light of the understanding that any approach or technique must account the singularity of every human being and the context that embodies it at all moments. The therapist will then act as a conductor, establishing the fair bridge between what is general and particular, dynamically tuning to what is present and necessary.

Great Medicine eradicates karma.
High Medicine cures future diseases.
Intermediate Medicine cures present diseases.
Low Medicine applies static methods.
Inferior Medicine takes peoples’ lives.”

— Li Shifu — Master Abbot of Five Immortals Temple

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