so sleep is delaying it’s coming…
and I’ve been remembering you
again and again and again…
day after day after day after day…
talking to you, talking to me,
listening from me into you
through this ocean of silence of crowded waves
love, feeling, thought, breathing and sigh
wind or time doesn’t vanish them
footprints they feel, carved in the soul
some day wind blows, covering them
some time flows, uncovering them
like a dance, everlasting breathing
seen or under, the feelings remain
dear One
my hearth longs foolish
“come love”
the whispering of
“let’s go beloved”
blindly wishing
“wrap your little finger in mine”
my eternal
my life follows a stream
joy or happiness appear as well
like leafs on the surface
of a non surrendering hope
a blue melody plays
as the emptiness of my dreams
reflects the sky above
In the chest I knock
“Aal Izz Well”
By |Abril 24th, 2013|Categories: Poesia|

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