Sistema de práticas de wudang

Developed over thousands of years in the Chinese Daoist temples situated in the Wudang mountains, the Wudang arts are a set of practices that encompass more than just martial arts.

This personal development system includes subjects such as Taiji (Tai Chi), Qigong (Chi Kung), Kung Fu, Meditation, and Healing practices.

Above all else, it provides all practitioners with a solid foundation of strength, tranquility, and flexibility, all certainly required to live healthily in this fast-paced world.

Private classes schedules

Monday, 12 pm – 13 pm (few vacancies left)

Monday, 17 pm – 18:30 pm (full)

Wednesday, 15 pm – 16 pm (full)

Thursday, 8 am – 9 am (few vacancies left)

Thursday, 17 pm – 18 pm (few vacancies left)

Saturday, 10:30 am – 12h30 pm (few vacancies left)


Wudang Arts

Private Individual Classes


Private Group Classes


Possibility of readjusting  schedules or take compensation classes (1) Fixed schedule

Hourly rate per student

€40 €24 (2)
Monthly tuition per student

(1 hour, once a week)

€160 (2) €96
Payment mode Hourly package Monthly tuition

(1) Compensation classes should be rescheduled until 48 hours before the original schedule.

(2) Reference values. Please see payment mode.

Sistema de práticas de wudang

The benefits of meditation are well known all around the world, and this practice has been used for thousands of years in all cultures.

It’s available to all, and it exists under many different forms. Find out what form suits you best, come meditate with us!

Meditation classes schedule

Monday, 19 pm – 20 pm (some vacancies left)

Wednesday, 19 pm – 20 pm (some vacancies left)


Meditation classes

Twice a week – €40

Once a week – €20

Single class – €7 (subject to seat availability)

Private classes

The Private classes encompass all fields of study within the system. The students are provided with theoretical support along the practical classes, and exclusively theory classes when necessary. The method of teaching is dynamic, providing the student with a solid foundation.

Also, even though the system is vast, profound, and gradual, its benefits are experienced by the practitioners since the very first class.

The schedule is defined by both the teacher and the student. This type of class is ideal when one is looking for personalized training, and it allows for faster student progression and consistency, since it provides in-depth and targeted teaching.

Contact us for more information on private or public classes.

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