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Touch methods

• Acupressure and moxibustion (pressure from acupuncture points using the hands or heating using a plant)
Shiatsu massage (Japanese massage)
Daoist massage (similiar to tuina, Chinese massage)
Zhen fa (advanced vibration technique that unlocks and stimulates internal movement)
Myofascial release (works on the fascia, an internal tissue that permeates all the body)

Touchless methods

• Diagnosis and counseling
• Food habits and lifestyle
Five healing tones (sound healing based on the theory of 5 transformations)
Swordfingers (especially indicated to remove dense energy blocks)
Gigong Healing (emanation of Qi)


Alqimia Therapy includes general diagnosis, counseling and the therapeutic methods selected by the therapist.
Minimum duration : 45 min
Investment : €55

Appointment :

Or through the Macrobiotic Institute (IMP) throught the following contacts :
213242290 | 962524907 |
Rua Anchieta 5 — 2º Esqº 1200-023 (Chiado, Lisboa) » link

The compresses consist of the application of towels soaked in a hot ginger broth. It is commonly applied to the kidneys to “recharge” batteries, dissolve stagnant body areas and inflammation (tendonitis, colitis, constipation, etc.). There are essential concerns, contact a specialist.


It is possible to add ginger compresses to Alqimia Therapy, with prior agreement and an additional investment of €15 more.

Performing only the treatment of ginger compresses, without the Alqimia Therapy, has an investment of €40.

Due to the preparations and all the logistics involved in the application of Ginger Compresses, there should always be an advance notice. There are specific days for ginger compresses, both in the only treatment version and in the complement to therapy version. Check the available dates.

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  1. Annelien 12 Maio, 2017 em 4:06 - Responder

    I had a great experience with Vasco ! I had two treatments in a week and after the first one I felt that my body was really processing the treatment in a beautiful way : I felt tired at first and two days later I felt revitalized. I went for another treatment and Vasco knew what my body needed both times. I’m happy I visited him !

  2. E.M. 21 Outubro, 2016 em 19:02 - Responder

    I had a wonderful Alqimia Therapy with ginger hot compresses at the hands of Vasco. It was a unique & powerful experience. I left feeling very relaxed and less tense. He used different energy healing techniques and I felt more flow in my body and better clarity in my mind.
    He also has a wealth of information and is very generous to share his knowledge.

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